The most important concept in ALL of poker: EV | GTOx ABCs

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At some point, you’ve likely heard the conventional wisdom that beginners and players at lower stakes should not learn GTO. However, since GTO defines fundamentally sound strategies, this advice is actually paradoxical. In this video we explore how GTO can and should be learned by players at all stakes and of all experience levels, by focusing on the core function of a solver, which is to maximize EV. As the old saying goes, it’s better to have GTO and not need it, then to need it and not have it…


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David Yei who submitted this hand. We will be hooking you up once GTOx launches.

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The most important concept in ALL of poker: EV | GTOx ABCs

10 thoughts on “The most important concept in ALL of poker: EV | GTOx ABCs

  1. Interesting video, one thing which strikes me is the uncertainty regarding frequencies: How does one determine GTO bet frequencies?

  2. Excellent content. You said the only thing that changes with an unbalanced opponent is the cutoff point, but that’s not the only thing. Another thing is you wouldn’t need a mixed strategy (I.e., in regards to bluff catching, you could either fold or call all the time with the bluff catchers, as opposed to mixing the strategy as per the solver).

    Another point in favor of using GTO, even when you “know” the villain isn’t bluffing, is that in real life competent players won’t have a “fixed defect,” but will be adjusting their strategies based on what you do.

  3. No se ingles del todo, no juego poker, pero esto es increíblemente placentero de escuchar para todo aquel que encuentre un gusto en el pensamiento lógico. Saludos, gracias por el contenido.

  4. This video gets at the "trick" to GTO play. You literally can't play GTO by memorizing solutions that you can't compute in a lifetime. You have to find a human connection to the math to execute it. Linus Love said that almost precisely. That of course he wasn't calculating things on the fly, but after thousands of analyzed hands he started to "get it"

  5. Every player, regardless of stake, should incorporate solvers into their study. There are 3 key reasons for this:

    1. You understand optimal strategies for when you progress through the stakes, permitting the ability to play effectively against good players

    2. You recognise when your opponent is utilising a strategy which deviates from a solver solution and can easily adjust to maximise EV

    3. You can print money 😋

  6. 0:55 Nice to see Blackrain getting called out. Can't believe that charlatan is still making a living peddling his BS 2010 strat.

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