The poker hand EVERYONE is talking about!

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This is the poker hand which has the entire community up in arms, where Thi Xua Nguyen folds a full house vs Polychronopolous, making one of the biggest folds I’ve ever seen. But was it the correct play? Let’s discuss in this special episode of the Hand of the Day.
I’m always learning a lot from your feedback, and I know the community does as well, so leave your thoughts in a comment below! How would you have played it?
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The poker hand EVERYONE is talking about!

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The poker hand EVERYONE is talking about!

10 thoughts on “The poker hand EVERYONE is talking about!

  1. Thanks to everyone for your awesome feedback. As always, I learn a lot from your comments and appreciate the discussion. Congrats to Steve Zag who won a ConsciousPoker Pro Membership for his awesome comment. I'll be posting more videos with chances to win, so be sure to subscribe for updates!

  2. On the river, when Nguyen makes her 2bet, is she expecting him to call with less than AA or KK? They're out of the money, her raise is 1/3 of Polychronopolous' stack, and she doesn't have the nuts. Isn't Nguyen's correct play to simply call Polychronopolous' initial bet?

  3. I love your videos Alec, i enjoy watching them and gain valuable insight everytime, please keep making them!

  4. There IS a right answer…and that's the answer that works for that exact time and that exact situation. Basically "F" the people standing around talking about what a terrible fold that was. They are the ones who are wrong.
    She made an excellent fold because she was beat and she knew it. What's not to love about that?
    As soon as she put him on pocket aces, the entire hand made sense and she dumped her hand. That's not terrible. That's great poker.

  5. i would love to see the GTO applied to the entire hand play ! how would one play and the other following the "GTO" book

  6. amazing hand!! but Nguyen must have played with him at that table for some time-just like you said, so if Polychronopolous is a guy who plays like Johnny Chan, meaning that he only bets when he has it, it would have been an easy fold by Nguyen- she must have had some extra info in that fold

  7. I think she should have Jammed the turn then he folds she let him get there or check back on the river IDK 100 but that's how it looked to me

  8. Oh my god……….WHAT a river card…..I'm pausing before the action….there is NO WAY she can put him on Aces……NOR Kings….she has to lose a lot in this hand…..

    I'm editing here………….WOW! She folded………….AMAZING!

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