The Poker Hand EVERYONE Screws Up! (Fix This Now)

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Almost everybody plays this hand wrong and it is probably costing you money. Use my simple strategy to play this hand better.

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The Poker Hand EVERYONE Screws Up! (Fix This Now)

10 thoughts on “The Poker Hand EVERYONE Screws Up! (Fix This Now)

  1. How do you play this hand? Also, here is my simple strategy to win in Zoom poker games every single time:

  2. Hi thanks for video. could you do a more updated version of installing poker tracker 4? on a mac maybe? thanks

  3. What I don't see in the opening range, or even the playing range that BlackRain79Poker recommends are smaller suited connectors 6s7s for example. I have always seen these as decent hands, a good way to show a wider range to your opponents and easy to lay down if you miss the flop. What is the reasoning behind not playing this type of hand?

  4. I think that's a good strat.
    If I 3bet a fish or limper then a random TAG or Nit 4Bets into us, I might call or even fold QQ.

  5. We need to take into account raise sizes also. If the TAG player c-bet size on the flop was too large in relation to my stack I would think about folding. I wouldn't risk anymore than 20% of my stack on pockets Queens with an over card on the flop vs a TAG in EP. Of course I do use variation in that strategy.

  6. Hey Nathan. Thanks for all your videos. Considering signing up for the Uni. 1 question. Ive been trying to find a link to download your custom HUD profiles but the video I watched from you is from 2015 so I imagine the downloads are no longer active. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  7. I learned through hard ways QQ and KK in deep stuck vs a regulars. But I do play like you for the last few years.
    I want to know more about 67s to 89s and 57s to 8Ts.
    Please make some videos about speculative hands in deep stuck 200bb or more.

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