Triton Poker Series London 2023 – Event #3 $40k NLH Mystery Bounty – Day 2

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🔱 Triton Poker Super High Roller Series London 2023

📅 Event #3 $40k NLH Mystery Bounty – Day 2

📌 Location: JW Marriott Grosvenor House – London, UK

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0:00 Waiting Room
10:15 Commentators Booth
25:51 Start of the Event #3 – Day 2
00:55:11 Break
01:01:01 Action resumes
02:03:08 Break
02:09:57 Action resumes
02:47:55 Break
03:03:14 Action resumes
03:42:15 Break
03:50:10 Action resumes
05:04:50 Break
05:20:23 Action resumes
05:34:18 Break
05:40:09 Event #3 Final Table
07:15:50 Break
07:23:43 Short Transition to Event #5
07:37:33 Break
07:40:09 Action resumes
09:20:41 Break
09:27:16 Short Transition to Event #5
09:34:08 Break
09:35:33 Action resumes
10:27:00 Break
10:36:45 Action resumes
10:55:23 End of Event #3 Day 2 + Outro

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Triton Poker Series London 2023 – Event #3 $40k NLH Mystery Bounty – Day 2

10 thoughts on “Triton Poker Series London 2023 – Event #3 $40k NLH Mystery Bounty – Day 2

  1. One thing id like to see too in a mistery bounty is the bounty draw would be fun, anyway thanks for the content triton

  2. Congrats Espen, you played great but also had luck on your side, need both to win at poker, GG

  3. Absolute stunning game this was. I wish I saw a bit of the mystery bouties being pulled out the enveloppes though 😊

  4. I watched the entire thing – And WHO, what a CRAZY final table that was!!!

  5. im not gonna spoil if anyone want to watch it but i will say one thing: its never over until its over

  6. Is there honestly anyone watching 11 hours of straight unfiltered poker?

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