Ultimate Guide to Poker Bankroll Management

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• Slideshow: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/14lN2sMBNez6lrfp7z7fI3dX4V76u3dTgWI8ots11UiQ
• Bankroll Optimizer Spreadsheet: (Updated since video)
• Poker Variance Calculator: https://www.primedope.com/poker-variance-calculator/

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Understanding variance and managing your bankroll is an essential skill for long-term poker success. In this free lecture, Tombos21 teaches you how to understand variance and build mathematically optimal bankroll management strategies!


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0:00 – Is poker luck or skill?
3:42 – Understanding variance
9:26 – Poker variance calculators
16:39 – Confidence Intervals
19:30 – Risk of ruin
22:00 – Bankroll management
28:40 – Kelly Criterion
33:14 – Bankroll optimizer

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Ultimate Guide to Poker Bankroll Management

10 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide to Poker Bankroll Management

  1. Tell us what bankroll management strategies worked well for you! What would you like to see next? 👀

  2. You failed to calculate that if you have, lets say, a 5k BR for playing NL200, you actually don't have 25 buy-ins! You actually have much more: if you move down every time you lose 5 buy ins, you actually have 5buy-ins*(number of stakes until you cannot move down) + number of buy-ins left at the lowest stake.
    So in this case with a 5k BR (assuming a NL200->NL100->NL50->NL25->NL10->NL5->NL2 progression) you have 5*6=30 buyins +:
    20buy-ins at NL200=40 buyins at NL100
    35 buyins at NL100=70 buyins at NL50
    65 buyins at NL50=130 buyins at NL25
    125buyins at NL25=312,5 buyins at NL10
    307,5 buyins at NL10=615 buyins at NL5
    610 buyins at NL5=1525 buyins at NL2

    5k BR at NL200=1555 buyins! That is completely insane.
    You are advocating for a BR strategy that is beyond ultra-conservative, and that will keep most players stuck in low stakes and demotivated.

  3. It doesn't matter how many hands per hour you play? For example in live poker its gonna be around 25hands/hour, online it could be 400 hands/hour. But you can play higher limits in live than online. What's best then? Isn't best to take $/hour instead of bb/100 ($/100)?

  4. I am a solid recreational NL50 player, and I have learned a technique that really helps that I haven't seen published anywhere, which is to only buy in one table once a week at your new stake. This gets you used to the new stake at very low risk whilst you are still confidently making money at your current stake.

  5. I try GTOWizard for free for around a month, and woow ! This is very good, help a lot.. I just upgrated to premiun, and really not regret it. I doubt myself a lot when i play, and with this i can quickly see if i made a mistake or not ( after the session of course), and now whatever the outcome, i am only satisfied if i made the correct decision. Awesome tool!! Thanks

  6. nice .. ty .. but..1st u should explain stats & diferencies beetwen them like bb/100 & ev bb /100
    in variance calculator i believe ev bb is the correct stat to use
    also .. size of bankroll & life style = what is most important for how variance effects life experience

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