Video Poker Expert EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ ClubMikeV! 👍Learn More About Video Poker!

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Welcome to an exclusive interview with @ClubMikeV – The video poker (and poker) aficionado on YouTube! Learn how he got started with Video Poker, why he started his YouTube channel and his best advice on how to get started on one of the best electronic games you can play in a casino!

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This channel features AT HOME slot machine play that is NOT FOR REAL MONEY. All machines are set at maximum payback potential, so please keep that in mind as you watch.

Games I can play by request:
– Willy Wonka 3 Reel
– Flintstones 3 Reel
– Wizard of Oz Road to Emerald City 3 Reel
– Lord of the Rings 3 Reel
– Top Dollar Reel Multiplay
– Top Dollar 3x4x5x
– Top Dollar 3 Reel
– Pinball Reel Multiplay
– Dolly Parton
– Triple Diamond Free Games
– Cleopatra II
– Cash Coaster
– Firehouse Hounds
– Double Diamond Deluxe
– Link it Lock
– Mega Vault
– Double Top Dollar
– Top Dollar 3 Reel

Here at Home Slots Fun, we do slot machine play, slot machine repair, slot machine build and slot machine refurbishment. I service, sell and restore slot machines.

I can help you get machines that are hard and rare to find, contact me:

If you want me to play a certain game, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below!

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Video Poker Expert EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ ClubMikeV! 👍Learn More About Video Poker!

5 thoughts on “Video Poker Expert EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ ClubMikeV! 👍Learn More About Video Poker!

  1. I've only tried video poker a couple of times, but after seeing this video, I may give it another try! Thanks Marc 😁

  2. Thank you, Marc for doing this video! I know just enough about video poker, to be dangerous. Club Mike just got a new subscriber.

  3. Hi guys!! My partner is a Dueces Wild video poker player. I prefer DDB poker. We have a little rivalry going, lol. Don’t tell him, but I love Pinball and Top Dollar a whole lot better…. I watch Mike a lot and have been able to get two Royal Flushes in the past month. ❤

  4. Good vid…took me 3 yrs to figure out I'm not a lucky slot player, started VP/B'jack/Craps n never looked back! Stumbled on to "VP Genius" series and it's great, Mike has great poker home games I would also recommend…only bad thing is…he always wins!! Ha! He's too good….keep it up guys!👍

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