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Moviemakerjjcasino’s John Stathis plays video poker (Double Double Bonus/Triple Double Bonus) using free play in-between baccarat/blackjack sessions. Video poker jackpots such as Royal Flushes and 4 of a kind Aces and 2,3,4’s with kickers (a kicker is a 2,3, or 4) is the goal while playing with house money (free play) given by the casino. Some big hits (Quads and a Royal Flush) in the and near misses in the video. If a casino offers comps for video poker free play, use the free money and leave. Learn how to play video poker with correct strategy and play at machines offering good full house/flush payouts. Leaving a video poker session a sure winner… PRICELESS!!! Casinos played were Graton Casino and Cache Creek Casino in Northern California, near San Francisco/Sacramento and Silver Legacy in Reno, Nevada. Video poker is the crack of gambling and is addicting, so be careful! Don’t use a credit card/ATM to chase losses. Remember, Las Vegas and other casino destinations weren’t built on winners. So don’t add a floor to a casino hotel by going on tilt at video poker.

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Video Poker Free Play Win

10 thoughts on “Video Poker Free Play Win

  1. I know it said free play but to win a royal flush one credit short of the max bad so bad I had that happen to me where I had only played 3 credits and the Royal came out I was like f***

  2. Why would you bet just 4 quarters when your payoff for 5 quarters is probably over twice as much? Just so stupid.

  3. Nice hand hit congrats!!! Just subbed to your channel good luck next time..👍👍👍👍🍀🍀

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