What is ABC Poker?

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What is ABC Poker?

10 thoughts on “What is ABC Poker?

  1. wow, first time i realised how difficult it really is to play difficult and how many live players at 1/2 are stupid enough to not even play half as good as ABC. I see all day players in my pokerclub who just randomly play any 2 cards and just chasing gotshots and runner-runner straight or flushes. they never know when/against who/why they should call or fold.

  2. this older player in 2-100 game i play in folds SO MUCH and he plays PURE ABC yet he wins like every session. cuz in the game we play in, this style WORKS.

  3. what is a good book or media that teaches abc poker? I want to reteach myself from the fundamentals.

  4. ABC= allin bet call ( meaning JUST DONT FOLD ) to play this way you always need to hold stronger cards.
    ABC= KQhearts on botton. Tournament started . You have 10 000 chips blind is 25/50, someone raise to 100 you just call.

  5. i believe basic strategy is the foundation for advanced play once you become familiar with the game mechanics, always use proper game selection, my game is no limit texas holdem, for fun i play pot limit omaha

  6. Honestly, I've made more money playing ABC poker than I have playing "deceptive" poker. In 2019, ABC poker still works perfectly fine in low stakes. ABC poker clears the path to make bluffing much easier. ABC poker is like resisting the temptation to eat pizza, ice cream, cake, and cookies.

  7. Honestly, when I started to implement Jonathan Little's strategies, it turned me into a losing poker player, and my tilt meter went thru the roof too.

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