What is Rakeback – Learn how to win with Poker Rakeback

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What is Rakeback? Rake is a cash Refund given to the poker player from the poker room.
So what is Rake and why do Poker rooms give Rakeback?
To have a good understanding of what Rakeback is, it a good idea to learn how poker rooms both online and in casinos make there money. Unlike other games poker is not against the house, so poker rooms aren’t able to profit from odds of the game. This is why the poker rooms take a rake from each hand. You could think of it as a small entrance fee to sit at the poker table to play the hand.
As you know the online poker industry is highly competitive and Poker sites are always looking for ways to keep players engaged and stop them moving to other poker sites. So the poker rooms have started to off a percentage of the Rake back to registered players in the form of playing credit or cash.
How do get involved with Rakeback
It’s very easy, all you have to do is register with any of the Rakeback sites and use their dashboard to join a poker room once you are a member you are now getting some the rake back.

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What is Rakeback – Learn how to win with Poker Rakeback

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