Why learn GTO poker strategy?

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Hey guys,

Today we’re going to answer the question: why should I learn poker GTO?

Does it even apply my game? Is it worth my time to study it?
All: perfectly reasonable questions.

So why learn GTO or Game Theory Optimal poker? The short answer is it will help you make better decisions. And better decisions means more money. A higher win-rate.

Many people get the idea that GTO is just for advanced players or for higher stakes games, but it can actually help you no matter level you play.

One of the main reasons I use GTO software is to help me solve poker hands, that’s why they’re called GTO solvers. I can put in my assumptions about how I think opponent plays, use the tool to tell me how he’s actually supposed to play, and then the coolest part is I can calculate what’s the best way for me to exploit him.

That’s the key piece. Learning GTO is not just about playing perfect, balanced poker.
It’s about calculating the correct solution and then studying that gap between the right play and how people actually play.

The fascinating thing is that the vast majority of players are way off. And the farther off they are, the more of an opportunity there is for us to take advantage of.

The whole field of GTO Poker strategy is still relatively new. Which again presents a huge opportunity for those of you willing to put some time into studying GTO, learning how to use the GTO solvers, and playing around with exploitative strategies.

I love this stuff. I use the solvers all the time. And I’m really looking forward to sharing with you guys some of my findings. Teaching you some of my techniques so you can try them to.

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This has been Mike Gano with Poker in a Box.
Stay tuned for more.

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Why learn GTO poker strategy?

3 thoughts on “Why learn GTO poker strategy?

  1. Just found your videos the other week, you're a very insightful man.

    Thanks a lot for your videos, the hud ones helped me a lot 🙂

  2. Learning GTO concepts for poker spots can only help your game. If you are in a situation where you have no idea what to do, GTO concepts can literally give you a solid answer if you have studied it even just a small amount. If you are in a situation where GTO is NOT as good as an exploitative, knowing the GTO answer will still not hurt you, because there is nothing wrong with just ignoring the concept in order to get more money.

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