Why Poker Is So Interesting | Creating a Poker Bot Part 1

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Poker is NOT gambling. Hear me out. It is a game of skill – psychological and mathematical skill. Plus a little bit of luck. But you can improve and you can win on expectation.

In this video, I discuss why the game of poker is so interesting. Poker is a game of imperfect information – you never know what your opponents have until all the action is done. However, it’s not a game of blind guessing either. In poker, you can update your beliefs based on their actions, which are little clues to what cards they might be holding.

In January, I took a class called MIT Pokerbots, where students create a poker bot to battle other students’ poker bots in an online tournament. However, as you might guess, this is a very very difficult problem because poker is primarily a game of human psychology… How do you encode that into a poker playing AI??

Well, that’s a great question. Hopefully in this video and the next, I can answer that for you. This video is setting up the basics to talk about a reinforcement learning algorithm for poker – Counterfactual Regret Minimization (CFR).

0:00 Introduction
0:55 Basics of Poker
5:17 Why Poker Is a Great Game to Play
7:03 Challenges/Motivation to Building a Poker AI
9:16 Optimal Strategy for Poker

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Why Poker Is So Interesting | Creating a Poker Bot Part 1

10 thoughts on “Why Poker Is So Interesting | Creating a Poker Bot Part 1

  1. Do you play poker? Why or why not? Thanks for watching <3
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  2. btw, "Poker" encompasses several games. As an aficionado and accomplished player, the purist in me says you are describing Texas Hold 'em. "HORSE" tournaments are fun because they test your skills in multiple variations of the game. May the odds be ever in your favor!

  3. I would love to play poker with Andy Zhu – he seems like he'd clean my clock and teach me a lot while it happened 😀

  4. By subscribing to your channel we've got nothing to lose and everything to play for. Deal me in.

  5. At 2:15, Kylie老师,年轻老师, you say "the person to the right of the big blind should…" This is not wrong. The person to the right of the big blind must look at their cards — and at everybody else at the table, and off into space to give a carefully prepared image of not caring, and at the take-out menu for the local pizza so they can order in, and…
    Everybody at the table should be doing their carefully planned looking routine.
    Poker, however, proceeds clockwise, so it's just possible that for instructional purposes what you meant to say here was "The person to the left of the big blind," maybe?

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