WIN MORE by Learning this Live Hack in Poker

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In this hand Bart explains to the caller a “live hack” about minimum defense frequency as the Hero plans a triple barrel. On the river the Hero makes his hand but fails to count viable combinations that beat him.

0:00 — Intro
1:26 — preflop
1:50 — Flop
2:51 — Turn
3:43 — Live Hack re Live Players
5:41 — River

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WIN MORE by Learning this Live Hack in Poker

10 thoughts on “WIN MORE by Learning this Live Hack in Poker

  1. Wanting some feedback on the chapters added in timeline for each part of the hand. Do you find that this is helpful as the viewer?

  2. Bart, can you recommend a good poker book for cash game players? I’ve read Super System and others way back in the days but I would like to read a more recent book that covers all the things you cover and more. I generally play $3-5 to $5-10. Thanks so much!

  3. Some people will get this comment some people wont, "if i were playing against people that are familiar with PLO i could consider jamming here with heros hand, if they dont play PLO, i wont jam"

  4. Really need to understand what hands your opponent really can’t have. The times any player would just be calling flop and turn with two pair or sets is almost non existent. And of course the old adage of just bet for value is a simple concept that is still good at low stakes. Fancy play syndrome of inducing bluffs etc should really be reserved
    for very specific players which are rare at low stakes.

    Great call and excellent breakdown by Bart as usual. ✅✅

  5. Very good. Learned a lot. I will say though that youtube is FILLED with videos of pros doubting villain putative flush shoves when they have the Ace in the flush suit. i.e, I've seen a million pros make this villain's call — refuting your idea that hero jamming was the wrong play.

  6. On the river there are only 2 possibilities: 1) He has the nut flush 2)He has the A hearts and is bluffing the nut flush. Nothing else makes sense.

    You ran into scenario 2. Remember he DOESN"T KNOW you have K 10 of hearts. For all he knows you have 4 5 hearts or 4 6 hearts and he KNOWS you don't have the nut flush. So is bluffing really that crazy? Not at all. But calling the jam is just frustration.

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