WINNING $15,000 ALL-IN With King High!

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An awesome day of online poker, the icing on the cake was hitting a crazy lucky river for a $15,000 win! 👇👇Enjoy and make sure to check out my links below!👇👇

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WINNING $15,000 ALL-IN With King High!

10 thoughts on “WINNING $15,000 ALL-IN With King High!

  1. oh how things have changed since I started, Americans are now the joke of the poker world and Brazilians are the new swedes

  2. Where did u check if you blundered or not (the last hand) . Or how should we check these kinda positions?

  3. Hahahahah “No earthquakes” had me dead at 1:14. Nothing more tilting than an earthquake cracking the table on the river when you’re ahead on ACR 😂😭

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