You called? Are you Insane?

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You called? Are you Insane?

10 thoughts on “You called? Are you Insane?

  1. There is a straight flush draw out there. You are talking rubbish. I think you mean there is no str8 flush there. But there is a str8 flush draw there.

  2. I like checking back turn based on how i ranged the V when he x/r'd flop, small sets, small flushes, and nut flushes, i don't think we ever get 3 streets of value vs the hands we beat so im content with checking turn and looking to bet for value otr if checked to. the board can't really change too much unless board pairs but i don't think that is too relevant , you can still get paid in that case if you size down

  3. After watching this, I'm thinking going forward I'm just going to check my King high flushs down, and fold to a insane over bet.

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