You Need to Stop BLUFFING With This Hand

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You have to stop bluffing with this hand. It is costing you a lot of money. Please just fold this hand instead!

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You Need to Stop BLUFFING With This Hand

10 thoughts on “You Need to Stop BLUFFING With This Hand

  1. Do you bluff with this hand? Also, here are the 5 most underrated hands you should be playing more:

  2. 💯 % right. More people bust out of Tournaments and with short-stacks in cash-games making jams pre-Flop or River with small pocket-pairs. Hardest play to fold these in early-position….but it is the right thing to do.

  3. I bluff with small pockets when I have a straight draw open ended. Same thing with big pairs. Truth is I hate pockets.

  4. In your example the 44 would still be a good hand if the 4 came. If you're running hot and want to gamble it's not a bad call. LOL it all depends on your mood and mission. I only play tourneys so my play is no good for cash games.

  5. If I simulate a tight range against 44 with Js9h6d flop you have 35% equity and if I simulate AQos against the same tight range with the same flop you have 27% equity, so… Now what?

  6. Why would i mix in unprofitable hands? I have actually noticed i lose with them on the long run and ive really started to question their usefulness. Imo best use for them is to defend the big blind but then again im not a pro.

  7. Generally agree here, but important also is A) Size of preflop raise. B) Size of flop C-bet. C) My stack size compared to theirs. D) Player type. Sure, 44 has 2 outs, but it's still better than A high if that's what they are continuing with.

  8. Thank you…
    You improved my I..2… no limit playing by 50%….
    Every hand I play is determined by all of your vlogs.

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