$0.02/0.05 Micro Stakes ZOOM Poker Strategy

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Coach Jon from http://www.pokervip.com plays a 2-table session of ZOOM on Pokerstars.

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$0.02/0.05 Micro Stakes ZOOM Poker Strategy

10 thoughts on “$0.02/0.05 Micro Stakes ZOOM Poker Strategy

  1. Tried it too but got totally annihilated.
    I think you cant play just solid anymore, everyone who is see winning is playing the redline right now.
    If you just play solid with out stealing and restealing, you lose to much on coolers and suckouts to compensate the money you lose nonShowdown.

  2. How is the 5 bet shove at 10:50 ever profitable on a player you have no reads on? There's no way he calls with worse, except for AK, which you are flipping at best. Let's say he's a solid TAG player (which most people are), he is only going to be 4 betting with pocket Q's, K's, A's, AKs, AKo, and some bluffs. There's a small possibility you get him to hero fold his Q's or AKo, but overall there are 18 combinations of high pocket pairs that have you crushed, and 21 that you're flipping with (41 if you include AQs and AQo, which I doubt most people would 4 bet in the first place). Unless the villain is a massive fish, he is never calling with pocket T's or worse.

  3. This strategy isnt even near "crushing"
    Its just standard nitty grinding

    Thats not even TAG,
    Maybe a good start for beginners, but
    Playing like a pussy wont crush anything in micros

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