#1 Small Stakes Mindset Flaw of Poker Players

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In this video, I will tell you the mindset flaw that is holding back thousands of small stakes players. If you fix this, you will find yourself playing your “A” game more often and always focusing on the things you can control. Let me know what you think!

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#1 Small Stakes Mindset Flaw of Poker Players

10 thoughts on “#1 Small Stakes Mindset Flaw of Poker Players

  1. It never bothers me in cash games but it still hurts when its in a tournament. I think I need to go over my push/fold strategy because people are calling super-wide lately. Its totally the opposite of how games were going just 6 months ago, where people were calling too tight. Arggghhh! Bring back my fold equity! 🙂

  2. Ran my nut flush into a set that rivered a house. Went from 550 to 150 and it was my first time playing live. Laughed it off, continued to play how I know and brought it back up to 386 for a profit. Poker happens!

  3. People say "Good luck all in" and console players who lose on the river, not because they are bad poker players, but because they are humans who have social skills. Maybe robo-humans who play mostly on line don't understand this.

  4. Best hand won it’s not a bad beat. I’ll take two tens all in pre over AK any day. I’m already starting ahead.

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