#1 Tournament Poker Strategy to Crush Non-Pros – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little, 10/25/2019

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Poker – Life – Family. Here is the #1 Tournament Poker Strategy to Crush Non-Pros.

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#1 Tournament Poker Strategy to Crush Non-Pros – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little, 10/25/2019

10 thoughts on “#1 Tournament Poker Strategy to Crush Non-Pros – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little, 10/25/2019

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  2. what tipp would u give me Jonathan? Last week i played 2 1-2 Omaha Live Sessions…. Startet with 100 Bucks and go to 1,5k both times….. then i lose it all 2 times with the nutz… My Questions are if there are ICM in Cashgames? Becouse its a complete disaster to get it in against the other big stack becouse the nutz also flips in Omaha haha and i 1000 Times would rather gamble against the shortstack than (i have to play so long the game is good becouse i am a good player) but against this guys you give up 8!!! Stacks and in a very bad session i loose 3 Stacks. But when the nutz are holding then i am the big hero and of course i stay until i fall from the table… so what would you recommend also for newbies becouse the old players and fk… your brain that u play
    bad…oh come on lets straddle…oh come on make a blind raise….

  3. Hey Jonathan thank you for everything that you're doing and what you have become I didn't really care for you in the beginning but with the new Leaf that you have made in helping others and the content that you have created you have really won me over as a great poker coach advisor and also a follower of all that you have done thank you for giving to our poker community and thank you for giving to me to become a better poker player

  4. just wanted to let u know i just had my biggest cash ever apart from a freeroll tournament pot limit hold em i once won with 36000 playersi just finished 2nd place in a pot limit Omaha tournament cashing 22 dollars with a 4.40 buy in i bought in twice acyual buy in was 2.20 ifirst and second place both got 19 dollars plus bounty i know its not alot of money for most people but its not about the money wright its about getting betteri hadnt realized the last guy actually had a bount of 9 dollars on his head or i would have played my trips aces i floped against him a bit slower and might have got even with him and maybe beat him he folded when i went all in i thought wel both get 19 dollars anyway so wats the diffrence but oh well another good game i actually used a tip from this video even do its a diffrent game by continuation betting a third of the pot worked really well thanks for being an inspiration jonathan have a great day cheers

  5. At lower stakes these days they don't fold any two cards ..to a cbet of 25 percent dude..crazy calling stations all of them

  6. You coming to play main at pg my friend ..I was chip leader all first live day and got dirtied badly by an amateur in the 500 just waiting for main now..would love to meet ya say hey shake ur hand ..I've learned alot from ya

  7. I see 25% cbets on small stakes mtt. Ty for the advice. Also gulfond spoke about it in the hu mach vs you.
    So u married a slav? Enough said.most beautiful women and polland people are very patriotic.

    Yes frugal is not gto with family and friends.

  8. hey Clint I don't know if you read these comments but yes it is still $100 plus a $20 bounty and I was fortunate enough to knock out 7 players so I collected
    $140 on top for the bounties as well. I was on my phone watching the stream live and its very difficult to see the words in the comments section, I prob.
    need to get glasses pretty soon…. take care Clint and thanks

  9. Good video again JL. Generally, think you're right and especially in BB rec players always call (they hate giving up that BB ante) n then fold too often.

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