10 thoughts on “$10-$25-$50 @ Hard Rock! $10,000 POT and I have the NUTS!! // Poker Vlog # 98

  1. Why I run it twice

    Poker is a sick game. You can be a huge favorite and still lose. This is one reason this game is so popular because you can be bad and still win. With that said, I like to reduce my variance as much as I can while poker is a main source of income for me. When you run the board out multiple times it reduces the variance. The money amount matters as well. I won’t run it twice for a $500 pot unless asked. However, for a $10,000 pot in a game I don’t normally play, I like to run it twice. Let’s say I run it once and my opponent hits a flush and I lose a $10,000 pot. I may not have another opportunity like that in months to recoup those losses. I don’t want my poker career to be comprised of how a few turns and rivers went. If I only ran it once in my career I’m sure I would have way bigger swings which could possibly have made me go broke. Playing poker for a living is extremely stressful. So running it twice just is a small way of relieving the stress. My goal one day is to have a large enough bankroll that the money I’m playing with means nothing to me. For now, in order to control my overall swings I will always run it twice in huge pots. Let me know your thoughts below

  2. Playing against better players is extremely overrated find soft games play shorter +ev sessions enjoy the rest of life away from poker

  3. Curious why you decided to play 5x your normal stakes with a table of miserable euro regs? The one or two recs were really that big of spots or for the content or what?

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