[2021] 2 NL Poker Strategy (and why you’re getting crushed)

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Learn a winning 2NL strategy in 20 minutes.

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0:00 Intro
0:30 2NL Overview
1:39 Game Selection
2:58 Preflop
8:08 Postflop
12:14 How to Exploit Donkeys
13:38 2NL Gameplay
26:15 Outro

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[2021] 2 NL Poker Strategy (and why you’re getting crushed)

2 thoughts on “[2021] 2 NL Poker Strategy (and why you’re getting crushed)

  1. Hey Spooky, great vid as always. Very relatable topic for me, as an amateur micro player I am struggling to beat 2NL. I am not using any HUDs and just trying to adjust my play, but I assume it is a must-have thing in 2021 poker. I've seen many pros claim that they can make this amount of BBs per hour/100 hands and I don't doubt they can but I could never find a long video of their play session where they make these profits. If you could just record a long video with or without commentary I'd really appreciate that.

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