3 MISTAKES to Avoid With Pocket Kings in Cash Games (Poker Strategy)

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You wait all night until you’re finally dealt pocket kings or any big pocket pair in No Limit Hold’em Cash Game. What to do in this situation? Check out this video and here my poker tips and strategy what to do when you are dealt pocket kings. What would you have done with pocket kings? Would you consider folding pocket kings here?What would be your poker tips and strategies? Write your comments below.
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3 MISTAKES to Avoid With Pocket Kings in Cash Games (Poker Strategy)

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3 MISTAKES to Avoid With Pocket Kings in Cash Games (Poker Strategy)

10 thoughts on “3 MISTAKES to Avoid With Pocket Kings in Cash Games (Poker Strategy)

  1. Could you really have done much to push the villian off the hand when he flopped quad queens?

    I’ll admit i’m not an expert.
    But unless you could have got a fold pre-flop…
    There’s not too much you couldve done to get someone off a quad queen flop.

    I would have folded i think.
    That board was dangerous, any of those villians only needed 1 queen to beat pocket kings.

    But thats my opinion, maybe im wrong.

  2. The incorrect assumption I believe is that everyone you are playing with thinks this deeply and the fact is they do not

  3. saying HEADSUP after saying headsup to the flop is such a loveing useless thing to say, only to sound cool but actually dumb

  4. “Whether the cut of is stealing” “He is likely to have a hand that withstands a reraise.” Make up your mind.

  5. What does he mean by pocket 7s? (Serious question im very new to poker)

  6. You are my favorite player ever since I discovered you. I always liked Phil Locke but idk I like how you explain things and are so insightful. Plus I'm a 50% Italian , so that makes it easier to like my fellow paisan.

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