$389,500 & Garrett Adelstein Is SWEATING This Poker Hand! #shorts

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Poker professional Garrett Adelstein is heads up against Dylan in a super high stakes poker cash game on Hustler Casino Live. When Garrett hits top pair on the flop and Dylan uses a small bet size, Garret decides to raise and Dylan just calls with his backdoor flush and straight draw as well as still having an overcard to the board. The turn gives Garrett top two, but it also now gives Dylan the nut flush draw! Dylan checks, Garrett bets, and then Dylan ships it all in for a massive $167,000! Garrett can’t do anything but call and slides his poker chips over the line. Can Garrett avoid a heart on the river to win a massive $389,500 pot?

On this poker channel you will find everything you need to improve as a poker player! Jonathan analyzes live poker hands from TV poker shows such as Hustler Casino Live & PokerGO. He also covers popular poker vloggers such as Brad Owen & Rampage Poker. You’ll frequently see some of the most popular poker professionals including Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey & Tom Dwan! Each week Jonathan releases a specific poker strategy video that will help you take your poker game to the next level!

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$389,500 & Garrett Adelstein Is SWEATING This Poker Hand! #shorts

5 thoughts on “$389,500 & Garrett Adelstein Is SWEATING This Poker Hand! #shorts

  1. Do you ever think Garrett will return to playing poker full time on a live stream again? 🤔

  2. Well coach… In a man's world, calling someone a cheater could get interesting, very quickly. You better be sure!

    Dillian representing large overpair/draw made it an easy call for Garrett. What else is he repping? 7d 8d?

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