5 BIG Small Stakes Cash Game Mistakes

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5 BIG Small Stakes Cash Game Mistakes

10 thoughts on “5 BIG Small Stakes Cash Game Mistakes

  1. Stupid question but do you need a computer for the bundle to work or can you use your mobile/tablet device?

  2. Thanks johnathan i have been playing poker for 6 months competitively online first 4 months i lost $1688.00 on 10c/20c and small stakes poker tournaments $1-$7, then i got your free audio book on my kindle i listened to it once and played better not good but better right away but i made 50 bucks that month, listened to the book daily for atleast 3 weeks and the nexr month won $180.00 fir the month, we are 5 days into my 6th month and im up 200.00 on the month lost 20.00 tonight but i will get after it again tomorrow, just want to say buy the book folks it the best price in town free and johnathan thank u, u made me feel like maybe i can actually do this.

  3. I have been trying to figure out how exactly to go about studying the game. I have been getting crushed. I've played about 20 tournaments , about 30 live sessions, and about 10 hours of online. I have one live winning session and the rest i have walked out with nothing. I'm not properly bankrolled. I am absolutely done playing another cash game hand until I have studied for a year. Might play a couple live tournaments. I need to get into this material. It might take me a few years, but I will book you for private coaching one day, JL.

  4. The pockets tens are an EASY snap fold to a min-raise 4-bet on the turn from a player thats out of position. They are only doing that with the nuts.

  5. Just watching this all over again, great presentation, I will be joining premium to get all those courses. To tell you the truth I do NOT have anything close to a proper bankroll cause I have business I run and most of the money goes there. However I will soon start saving to get a 3 G bankroll for 1 2. In addition I was in a car accident last year and got money coming from that since it was not my fault. Will definitely join at that time if not sooner. I realized that my understanding of poker increased greatly when I understood why I need a proper bankroll to play correctly. In some ways it IS seeing the forest for the trees. Little reverse on that saying. 🙂

  6. You say find someone who can pinpoint your flaws, but its so difficult to find someone without paying some fair cash. I dont know any players at all and all my learning comes from watching you tube, but a lot of that doesnt even apply to my games. I am loathe to go to 2+2 and the like as you have no idea who the good posters are with so many differing opinions on hands etc. I know many people have grown in the game together as a group, but if you dont know anyone like I dont then its real difficult.

  7. Are you by chance going to have this offer again or extend it for poker coaching premium? Should also ask does the cash game bundle come free with poker coaching premium no matter what or is it just with this promotion?

  8. my number one mistake is not fixing my leaks

    i play too loose and always get sucked into calling when my opponents have the nuts

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