5 Mistakes Mid-Stake Poker Players Are Making! – BBZ Talks

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This video is going to tell you five mistakes that mid-stake players are making! Being conscious about these topics is what’s going to help you go from an average reg to a elite level player. Time codes below! ♠♣♦♥Important Info Below♠♣♦♥

Playing too tight – 0:37
Folding Too Much – 2:21
Underestimating Variance – 4:09
Entitled To Win – 6:12
Not Studying Enough – 8:48

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5 Mistakes Mid-Stake Poker Players Are Making! – BBZ Talks

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  2. sweet ok so what do u reccomend i do because im pretty sure my downfall is im overly aggressive and way too much of a calling station like i call down with bottom pair 50% of the time facing no more then say a half pot bet… But tbh i really need to go back and view my results and honestly its a toss up wheather ive lost or broke even calling the river bet with bottom pair and A high crazy as it sounds…

  3. This guy is my favorite . So real down to earth and seems like he truly wants people to get better at this game. He's not trying to gouge people for his and his teams knowledge 100 bucks is cheap as love

  4. Hold up. Let me rewind… All I could pay attention to was how good looking you are.

    Okay reset. I’m all ears.

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