5 Things Only Amateur Poker Players Say

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Here are the top 5 things that you will only see amateur poker players say. Good poker players will never say these 5 things.

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5 Things Only Amateur Poker Players Say

10 thoughts on “5 Things Only Amateur Poker Players Say

  1. What crazy things have you heard amateurs say? Also, here are my 9 PREFLOP poker tips for beginners (Just do this!) https://youtu.be/OD12wpuh634

  2. bro i swear its actually rigged i lost ace ace twice within 10 hands rasing big preflop…..

  3. If it were up to me I would ban limping until after the bubble bursts. It promotes good play, which some people might ask why would you want to do that, but for me good play is more interesting and it would also speed up the game. Sometimes with the +ev you have with the number of limp-call strategists at the table is completely undone by the lack of hands you end up playing. Give me a table full of 'good' players any day.

  4. Bro I was winning in a tournement in Switzerland. Suddenly a guy came to our table and he had 3 times in a row the POCKET ACES. His first 3 hands, by the way. All at the table stood up as it was more than clear that the dealer was cheating to share the pot with the "gang"

  5. Why do you say “literally” so much? That’s something dumb people say.

  6. My problem is admitting that I am getting old, I used to be able to play 20 hours take a two hour nap get something to eat and start all over. I think my limit is about 8 hours then I should quit. I am usually ahead but when I get tired I will miss simple things like a nit going all in when I have the nut flush but missing that he more than likely has a straight flush. And even simple things like having trips and calling a raise to a straight or flush. I'm 68 but my brain thinks I'm 24 and never listens to my body screaming, quit, rack up, get some rest, PLEASE!

  7. Big one all time is " I've lost more money with AK than any other hand. And when they make the comment, I already peg them as a loser. Why? Because I looked it up and guess what I found…
    It is likely that only around 30% of poker players are winners over the long term. And only about 10% are significant winners (i.e. make a meaningful side income or can consider going pro). – BlackRain79

  8. In our weekly home game, my favorite "odds, never tell me the odds" 🤣
    Also all the ones you mentioned in this video are regularly spoken every game.

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