6max Hyper Turbo Sit’n’Go’s – Aarnimetsa’s Poker Strategy 30.8. part 1.

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The second part – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_M3jf2WCSM

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6max Hyper Turbo Sit’n’Go’s – Aarnimetsa’s Poker Strategy 30.8. part 1.

5 thoughts on “6max Hyper Turbo Sit’n’Go’s – Aarnimetsa’s Poker Strategy 30.8. part 1.

  1. Hi Aarnimetsa i must complement im liking the quality of the vids you make and the strategy coming with it. Can i ask what is youre main format you play? Looking at your results it suggest you are a 6max hyper player?

  2. what BRM would you say is nessecary assuming I know what I am doing? I can play between 15 tables of those at once i think. (did 40 MTT SNGs) so my ROI is probably slightly lower than it could be. And what samplesize do you need to know your ROI +/-1% in your opinion?

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Great video, just going over some basics of short stack play and ICM this helps so much. My orange C Net adjusted line is like -20 buy ins vs my actual net won. Shall I worry about this? What does the orange line mean? Cant wait to see more hyper stuff!Stubbtoe

  4. Love the video, i agree with you, but the part where you compare 'bad players' at a sport and poker i don't really agree. Mainly because poker has a part of chance, and to have an edge on opponents you make plays based on their range and how they're suppose to react based on that range, and bad players usually will react badly. In cash games, it's ok to play vs them on the long run but in a hyper luck has a bigger impact since you can't be shoving to steal a certain stack vs a donk compared to a reg because a donk has no idea about ICM.

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