A Tough Decision With An Overpair On The River

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New Poker Vlogger “Lex O” calls in a hand where he faces a tough decision on the river. Link to Lex’s vlog is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWNy3kV7WanUd-Xw3R4NFcA

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A Tough Decision With An Overpair On The River

10 thoughts on “A Tough Decision With An Overpair On The River

  1. bet on the river for a thin value vs X9 is the best option with hero's line on the flop. Your check is sometimes 99s A9, K9 and some missed draws.

  2. Think the best way to explain why TT isn’t a check raise on this board is to point him to the equity of this hand 3 way vs two ranges. It’s not great.

    3 way oop I think checking is fine, but given more thought I think it plays better as a cbet, and we will want to have some cbets on this board with hands that can get value/benefit from collection of dead money.

    Is the board was slightly more connected, or if we didn’t hold a heart, I think checking becomes pretty viable. Def will have a reasonable checking frequency here given our range misses this quite often, and equities will run closer multi-way on a flop like this

  3. Lex made 21k this past month at poker vlog results. He’s making 250k a year. 🙂 poker is fun and easy.

  4. You’re cool, but don’t go for this opening all the time, but if you want to sprinkle it in then hell yeah.

  5. Villain played up to turn as set ~ 🚢. However the river jam isn't very boat-ish. However, if villain has 99 or 66 what hands does he expect to get called by that check raise flop? 96? He double blocks that hand. If he has 99 then sure he gets called by 66 and 63, but those hands should have bet river…. I dunno. Haven't seen results but I think this is a fold (EDIT it's a player dependent fold). Villain has 16 combos of str8s that might take this line, but only 1 of those combos makes alot of sense, that being 45hh. So 1 combo of str8, 7 combos of boats + quads, is 8 combos of nut value. Not even sure 45hh jams here, but maybe. I would make it $300 with a str8 on a paired board after opponent showed strength on flop and turn. Same with A3hh or any non boat 3 like 34s. Anyway, 8 combos of value vs 16 combos of 78 alone, plus Ax hearts… If villain is a nit or passive I fold, if villain spazzes or is overly aggro I call.

  6. I like x/r otf but shut down if called. No good cards for us ott other than a T and V is snap calling? Lol. River is a fold all day at my local game. V has exactly K3hh A3hh 34hh 23hh 33 66 or 99. Bluffing a 2d? Come on.

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