ACE KING 5 TIMES!! | Poker Vlog # 11

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Today we visit Lucky Chances Casino and pick up AK 5 times in a short session. Sometimes I don’t even know what to do with that hand. Check out how I played it.

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ACE KING 5 TIMES!! | Poker Vlog # 11

10 thoughts on “ACE KING 5 TIMES!! | Poker Vlog # 11

  1. Let you know you say well, ok .leading up to that play you should have started running over those guys because you force them to make a stand then you get paid or would they get up idk but they would believe anything so cards are irrelevant.raise more bet more call less .

  2. Honestly I would’ve change tables and tried to get action somewhere else with my premium holding.

  3. 3-bet pre-flop. If you put tens through queens in his opening range, then you miss value when he gets to check fold to K-high flops. If you 3-bet, then you get value from those hands when there's value to be had. You also have blockers to AA and KK. Finally, as mentioned, there is another caller in between, incentivizing you to get it heads up.

  4. Ace king 5 times and Ace heart jacks diamonds the Queen six club call you on the flap and hit the queen on the turn no respect it’s good action for you good luck KN

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