10 thoughts on “AK off – too tight ? – #pokerbrandon #poker #pokerstrategy #pokerreels #pokertips #AA #pokerhands

  1. Haven’t plYed for an hour, fold ak first hand Iv played pre flop. You sound like a tight guy.

  2. If he is tight too and goes all in most of his All in cards will be pocket JJ-AA and best case scenario u are just flipping

  3. jjs or qqs…he probably would have just called if kks or AAs. He shoved. I would think JJ or 10

  4. Fold is perfectly fine if that’s your read but I think you can get the same results with a raise to 60-65 which will save you more money when you do occasionally fold. Also a smaller raise sometimes can make you seem less committed to the pot overall and allow you to see a flop from time to time as well.

  5. If you are folding ace king there what are you calling with only aces and kings , maybe queens ? Not a good fold

  6. I think that’s a very bad fold but what’s worse was your reraise amount. You could have raised to 40 and maybe that player doesn’t jam and you see a flop. But raising 1/3 of your stack with AKoff to just fold pre I think is not a good play at all bro.

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