Alex Takes $50k from Poker Pro All-In

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Alexandra Botez leaves Alan Keating with no more chips after he goes All-In and she calls at Ludwig’s million dollar poker game

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Alex Takes $50k from Poker Pro All-In

10 thoughts on “Alex Takes $50k from Poker Pro All-In

  1. The best part was Tom later was thinking about calling but looked at Alex like "why is she paying so much attention" and folded.

  2. almost a million dollar loss, wonder if he thinks of this as an investment

  3. UTG (87o): limp. Horrible.
    UTG+1 (A4o): limp behind. Worse.
    EP (55): lb. OK.
    HJ (22): lb. OK.
    CO (KJo): lb. Horrible, but it's Hellmuth so doubt he considered this a genius move. 🙄
    BTN: (KQo): lb. Questionable. Just raise and take the dead money!
    SB (KK): MR. On this table, way too small.
    BB (JJ): 3B x 50. Horrendous. No need to stick his whole stack in there.

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