ALL IN FOUR TIMES! (2/5NLH) – Poker Vlog #10

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In this video I play 2/5 NLH at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek.

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ALL IN FOUR TIMES! (2/5NLH) – Poker Vlog #10

10 thoughts on “ALL IN FOUR TIMES! (2/5NLH) – Poker Vlog #10

  1. Thanks for watching! Small graphic error at 7:15. The “HJ” player was actually in the CO.

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  2. I already enjoy your poker vlog more than andrew and brads. I really appreciate your constant hand analysis Harry, you're very consistent. Much respect my dude.

  3. Not that I know that much, but aside from the AA over bet I felt you were betting a little too much particularly in the earlier hands.

  4. The boat over boat hand u were lucky u obviously are gonna check the flop and he hits an ace … so say u bet what 75 100 he calls and u lose when he hits ace on river

  5. I folded ak 2 times after turn last night I was right today I was wrong flop was akx both times turn was q both times last night guy had qq and today guy had ak vs aq both hands had 3 players in it and we are betting flop and they are calling

  6. I am fairly new to Hold 'em and Ive played tournament style. But cash games are kinda new to me. What's the difference between 1/2, 2/5 or 5/10? I understand the forced bets or blinds are what the 1/2 is referring to, but is there limits on betting after that? Can you just raise whatever you have available, and if so aren't all the games 1/2 or 5/10 essentially the same? Other than the initial forced bets? I'm just trying to learn the cash game and don't want to waste anyone's time at a table until I understand the betting. Thanks for any help.

  7. You should keep your open size not as
    Polarizing, Like when you had AA you open to 30$ and $15 when you have non face cards is a easy tell on hand strength.

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