10 thoughts on “AQ off – unusual – #pokerbrandon #poker #pokerstrategy #pokerreels #pokertips #AA #pokerhands

  1. This is why you can't just play poker based on what you should do with your hand and position. There is skill, and a slight bit of gambling. Just playing by the book is more gambling than you would think

  2. Thank you for having as much information on the screen as possible, it honestly means a lot. I’m not knocking other channels, but sometimes they don’t give you information that would help you understand the action, or they just say it really fast so I have to watch it 10 times.

    And I was very surprised to see the boat

  3. This is why you should be 4betting to isolate the short stack. Dont play these hands multiway out of position, and if the money is going in maybe check and fold to a jam or calling cant be bad, but again i bet your game could be a lot better if you are isolating and not being afraid to push equity or get it in flipping.

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