8 thoughts on “Basic Nash Equilibrium Heads Up Poker Strategy

  1. This was just 1 video broken up into 4 sections. Do you have any suggestions on what you would like to see? Advanced is a very broad term.

  2. The last hand, did you really say the Q3 plays well post flop from the small blind…?

  3. Example #2 let's just assume flop has two suited cards Qh 5d 2h and let's assume that villian will c/r 20% of time for value with top pair or better 60% semi bluffs with flush draws , open ended straight draws and gutshots 10% with A high hands and small pp like 33 or 44 that have some equity 10 % with pure bluffs. You can't just assume that every time he c/r he has semi bluff or air. You are right by raising we don't allow our opponent to barrel on the turn and we lose value, but look what happens when we just call. Any Ace , any heart, and 6 will be a very scary card for us. . I think we are happy to see King and five on the turn as they improve us (unless they are hearts) and any queen or deuce. In total 11 cards. 36 or 38 other cards that will fall on the turn are scary for us and can improve our opponent. By re-raising we are likely to win the pot right away, and if and our re-raise will be called/ raised , we can be sure that we are facing top pair or better or monster draw and we are done with the hand. If we call and our opponent bet on the turn , we don't know where we are at that moment because, any 36 cards could improve him and we are playing big pot with 2nd pair K kicker. I'm really interested in your opinion on that.

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