bencb789 With ACES Facing MAXIMUM PRESSURE On The GG Poker Final Table!

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This week’s analysis from the $10,000 GG Poker Super Million$ features a heads up hand between high stakes crushers bencb789 and C.Darwin!

Benjamin ‘bencb789’ Rolle finds himself with aces but ends up facing maximum pressure by the river on a fairly scary board. Can he make the correct call to take control of this heads up match?

Watch the FULL replay of this GG Poker Super Million$ FINAL TABLE here:


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bencb789 With ACES Facing MAXIMUM PRESSURE On The GG Poker Final Table!

10 thoughts on “bencb789 With ACES Facing MAXIMUM PRESSURE On The GG Poker Final Table!

  1. What would YOU do on the river with A♣ A♦?

    Your Stack (BTN): 2,603,891

    Their Stack (BB): 9,409,609

    Board: Q♥ 5♥ 3♣ J♦ T♣

    Pot: 1,886,500

    A) Check

    B) Bet 600,000

    C) Bet 1,300,000

    D) Bet 2,603,891 (all in)

  2. Tough, but I limped, I checked, I bet half pot on river
    I more or less scripted his all-in on river
    Plus in a heads up situation at the end of the tournament I call the all in

  3. I was watching Ben’s stream when this happened, and was screaming call at the screen! I can’t believe he folded. When he made the thin value bet I thought he was inducing and was screaming shove at villain.

  4. What are you even losing to here? J3/J5/T5 and maybe 89 with a heart (though most of that is gone after the turn bet imo). Everything else either raises pre (all the QJT two pair combos, K9, 98s, pocket pairs) or raises flop (Q3/Q5).

    Bluffs are any hearts or anything with an K/8/9 to block the straight. Snap call.

  5. I feel that up until the river the hand was played absolutely perfectly, however if he was prepared to place a value bet on the river then I personally think he should have been prepared to call any raise/jam. When the river was checked to Ben, he was in the perfect position to check back and (almost) double his stack which is a pretty good result and would have given him more ammunition to continue to battle it out. However I do think playing under the pressure for that kind of prize money it is super easy to make a bad decision in the moment. Big fan of Bencb anyhow! Thanks Jonathan!

  6. Easy shove. Fiesta can only have slowplayed 2 pairs or T5, while Bencb have all sort of straights and overpairs. Just shove the river with all good hands and that way you can add there "all" your missed flushdraws etc.

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