Calling Out TOXIC Poker Players

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I am calling out all the toxic poker players who keep berating the fish. We need to let these people know, they are not welcome in our game.

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Calling Out TOXIC Poker Players

10 thoughts on “Calling Out TOXIC Poker Players

  1. Have you seen these Toxic poker players at your table? Also, here are the top 5 tells that only Amateurs give off:

  2. When they keep on playing bad and they winning somehow i am from time to time signalling it at chat . Im guilty

  3. This video could be called "Don't act like Hellmuth when playing poker". I get being upset when you lose at times, but I'll never get the people who are flip their lid if they get outdrawn by another good hand. Remember a guy flipping out because I called with 6s on the button. He had Aces, and a 6 came on the flop. It's like some people think the cards should be played faceup and whoever has the best hand preflop should always win.

  4. I am pretty good at poker online but as soon as I hit the local 1/2, small MTTs I develop a fish mind XD.
    Went to a local free to play bar poker Tourney this weekend and I was so fresh people were all asking me "Are you new to poker?" But the guy to the left of me was super nice and helped me shuffle cards since I can't for the life of me.
    I actually stayed in the game a couple hours and even got half way in blinds. Winning a few great hands and bluffs. The table itself was super nice and were laughing when I gave incorrect change or a crazy call and was overall the kind of vibe you want at the table. Welcome the newbies because sometimes they can give you all the chips lol.

  5. I played a 2-5 game once٫ the "bad player" sat down with a 10k chip rack. Max buy was $500 BTW. I could read everyone's thought at the table. In less than 2 hours he loss more than $3000. No one was upset when he win. We all just wait our turns to get. We all congratulate him when he win. We kept our bad beat to ourselves.

  6. It took a lot of self control to keep my mouth shut recently when I was sucked out on by a pretty bad poker player at my local casino at the 1/3 stakes. He re raised all in pre flop when I was pot committed and he shoved his $400 stack with a 5-2 suited and turned trip 5s on my pocket queens. I guess he was stuck a lot of money at the time but still I just didn't understand the call. Tougher for me is that it came just about the start of this downswing I am going through so that just makes it that more annoying but I did not say much.

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