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Garrett Adelstein is the biggest winner on the Hustler Casino Live stream having won over $1,000,000. In today’s hand he is battling against a billionaire recreational poker player – Stanley Tang.

The hand starts with Stanley raising under the gun (UTG) with AKo and in true aggressive Garrett fashion he opts to 3-bet to isolate the recreational player with A9c. Stanley decides to 4-bet and Garrett calls.

Both players hit top pair on the flop and after some betting the magical speech comes from Garrett as he tries to figure out where he is at in this poker hand.

I discuss how most poker players are not check raising on flops as bluffs as often as they should. This leak allows others to exploit them maximally as the strength of their opponent’s hand is very obvious if they do decide to check-raise!

Can Garrett make the correct decision and fold a very strong hand?

Thank you to Hustler Casino Live for allowing me to use this footage, check out this hand and many more on their amazing YouTube channel here:

This hand analysis was part of my Weekly Poker Hand series. I have been covering a poker hand every week for over 8 years!

You can find all of the hands I have covered in this playlist:

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10 thoughts on “Can GARRETT Beat A BILLIONAIRE?

  1. What would you do as Stanley on the turn when Garrett starts talking?

    a) Keep quiet

    b) Talk back

  2. Regardless of the table demeanor discussion, I think Stanley's check flop decision is fine, the check-raise is bad.

    With an SPR of 4 you're probably getting all the money in by the river anyway, so I don't mind checking with the idea of trying to bet big on the turn/jam river, or maybe looking to check-raise a later street. Garrett will almost certainly bet his Ax (and his bluffs) on flop and turn so you could put him in a much more awkward spot by check-raising turn, because then the SPR of the pot will be much lower and Garrett might feel compelled to call off. Also think Stanley just betting small on the flop is fine too.

  3. If I want them to call, I'll start talking with reverse tells. Or remain stoic depending what I've been doing during my good hands.

  4. I used to like garret until the whole cheating scandal. He took his money back from a rec after his aggressive all in on 2 boards when he had the better %. It doesn’t matter if she cheated or not, he had the higher equity. Absolutely disgusting.

  5. If I did see he was leaning towards a fold I would say "It's only 60 K more.". Obviously only someone strong would say that but then why would someone strong actually say that? I'm sure he would see through the leveling but what the heck.

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