Cash Game Poker Strategy: Missed Straight, Missed Flush… River Bluff!?

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My reader Marvin brings us this #HelloAlec episode. He played this hand and he wants to hear some thoughts about his cash game poker strategy. Flush draw, straight draw both missed… He tried with a bluff on the river but his poker bluff fail, and he would like to know is this bluff profitable in the long run. What do you think, is it? How would you play this micro stakes cash game? Write your poker analysis and tips below.

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Cash Game Poker Strategy: Missed Straight, Missed Flush… River Bluff!?

10 thoughts on “Cash Game Poker Strategy: Missed Straight, Missed Flush… River Bluff!?

  1. A3 of clubs is the only value hand hero would shove on the river, good luck representing that. Hero should ofc shove all Ax on the river, for balance, but I don't think he understands that concept, and villian knows it. Personally I would check call the hero with Q high on the river, the bluff is soooo obvious. Bet half pot if you want to get folds on the river, that's the only way

  2. This is the kind of hand you would fold pre. This guy is more than likely only making a raise like that with the top of his range.

    It was a very bad move bluffing an unknown who has a larger stack and made that large of a raise preflop. He got you hook, line, and sinker.

  3. I've heard this referred to as "the rookie bluff." Your bluff is 100% better on the turn, not the river.

  4. So, looking at this again, I think the error here is in the pre-flop and flop thought process. Before even beginning to dissect whether or not a bluff will work we have to create our perceived range. When UTG raises and we flat, we are reasonably wide. When BB 3-bets and we flat again, we are a lot more narrow. Our range reasonably contains AQ, KQs, 78-TJs, and some middle pocket pairs like 77-TT. That's a fair range we can expect a thinking player to perceive us to have.

    If we are calling to outplay our villain with our position and skill, we really DON'T want anyone else coming into the hand – we want heads up. But because our other opponent is not deep enough and has the weakest range, we expect he will fold a large amount of the time. We're not trying to play bingo here.

    The flop hits us square in our range – middle connected board, double suited. Backdoor diamonds is just added bonus. I think this is a good spot to start getting aggressive because there are SO many turn cards that just suck for JJ-AA/AK/AQ. The K of diamond on the turn is definitely better for his range than ours, but we do have a healthy chunk of equity now. So either way, gotta be making moves on the flop and/or turn here.

  5. I would of called pre, called the flop and shove the turn.
    The reason is if someone sees you as a caller and is not bluffing and want to bet for value, he will bet a lot more than this Vilain.

    Vilan can 3 bet here with big ace, pocket J+. Coming to the flop, with only low cards, he only bet almost half pot. Which takes off pocket J+ simply because someone with a big pocket at these stakes is too scared to get cracked so they'll bet big on every street. So you call the flop. On the turn, he bets lower than half pot, which shows that he's afraid of the king and still holds ace high or a medium pocket pair.

    With the flush draw that came out and the open handed you have on the turn, i would shove it here simply because you make his whole chips at risk. If he calls you on the turn, he would only do so with a set, and by the way he was betting, he doesn't have one, at least not with that board. Also by shoving, you can stack him off more with all the outs you got on the river. And by shoving the turn, you avoid the risk to miss like here and trying to bet for a bluff.

  6. When u decide to play a big pot with 10-9 suited and flop an open ender and a backdoor flush and turn a flush draw, i really think you have to play it as aggressively as possible on all three streets, otherwise you should not be calling that raise with 10-9 suited, i would have 3 bet also instead of flatting twice

  7. two lines 1. bet turn with relatively large bet, like pot size or 2/3 pot size , rep the K . if he calls, you still have the draws to back up. 2. check check like you to make the cheap draw. but give up on river if not making it.

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