Chips FLYING and Wine FLOWING! WSOP Poker Vlog

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Welcome to my Poker vlog! Follow my journey where I’ll be playing mostly No-Limit Texas Holdem. Whether you are trying to learn to play poker, looking for top notch poker strategy, or are a current high-stakes poker player, I think you will find value in my poker vlog. As a professional poker coach, I will be reviewing a ton of interesting poker hands, dive deep into poker theory and show the lifestyle of a poker protraveling the world!

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Chips FLYING and Wine FLOWING! WSOP Poker Vlog

10 thoughts on “Chips FLYING and Wine FLOWING! WSOP Poker Vlog

  1. Wish yall had played more tourneys at other casinos, maybe next year 🙂 have a great wedding and hope yall keep on vlogging ☺️☺️

  2. If someone is kind enough to invite you to their wedding, the least you can do is RSVP on time and that goes for any gender

  3. Jonathon Little did an interesting video recently, comparing Cash to Tournaments and highlighted the fact that in a Tourney, the likelyhood is you will bust out for $0 the majority of times. It made me stop and think about what I do and my expectations. Tournaments are tough going but need to have a strategy, especially when nearing the money (which you have fallen short of a couple of times, from memory). Cheers. Tim from Oz

  4. Shared on twitter! Enjoying my Sunday watching Lexy and Bob!! #lexygavinpoker #morebob

  5. I was inspired by you two to play the closer. I saw Bob, but refrained from bothering him. I left 90 minutes before the stampede began. Also, estate sale can be fun!

  6. I once found a 1985 donruss unopened wax box at a estate sale. For 10$

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