Cold Calling – Poker Strategy

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Another video from that deals with the poker concept of calling a raise “cold”. In this instructional video ourHero calls a raise cold with what is usually a strong starting hand. Watch the hand play out, and see that circumstances can arise when calling a raise cold.

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Cold Calling – Poker Strategy

10 thoughts on “Cold Calling – Poker Strategy

  1. He said "30 dollar pot" at the flop, yet he just doubles the guys 3 buck raise. If I was a strong flush draw, I would be going nowhere, no sir. Guy should have raised at least 10 dollars, imo.

  2. Oh and in case you are confused with that comment, it was meant for the video "protecting your hand" That would make a little more sense if you watch that one.

  3. lol you are funny about how cool u were to losing.
    yeah i hate those cards too they are prone to losing to a higher kicker

  4. No way. Calling is the way to go: just let them hang themselves. Phil Hellmuth does it.
    Repeat: Call a lot.

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