COOLER Alert – STRAIGHT Flush for Kelly Minkin

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This is the type of hand that if you had it online you would say the game was rigged! Hyper aggressive Kelly Minkin turns the absolute nuts against a king high flush. She uses her aggressive image effectively as she takes an unorthodox line and manages to get maximum value.

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COOLER Alert – STRAIGHT Flush for Kelly Minkin

10 thoughts on “COOLER Alert – STRAIGHT Flush for Kelly Minkin

  1. What would YOU do with Kβ™₯ Jβ™₯ on the flop?

    Your Stack (UTG+1): 1,200,000

    Their Stack (BB): 618,000

    Pot: 65,000

    BB checks

    Board: 5β™₯ 4β™₯ 9♣

    A) Check

    B) Bet 20,000

    C) Bet 40,000

    D) Bet 60,000

  2. I Love how Kelly didn't show her hand until moving almost all of her chips in to call! At least she didn't bother with the last stack of chips!

  3. I would cbet about 40,000 because this flop doesn't connect super well with my range, so my bluffs are representing a stronger range that I'm betting less frequently with. I would see cbet almost every time here with a good draw but if I did check back sometimes it would be with the King high and Ace high flush draws

  4. I will bet small to get any unpaired hands to fold & if I get called than I have flush draw & two overs which might be good & worse if I get raised than also I can call as per my hand

  5. I love how she's playing it cool raking in those chips, I'd have been grinning from ear to ear πŸ˜€

  6. Aaron's head scratch and Kelly's smirk and she scoops the $ sums this hand right up πŸ˜‚

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