Crushing Turbo MTTs and MTTSNGs by ILS007 – Advanced MTT Poker Strategy

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This course is the most in-depth deconstruction of the turbo MTT/MTTSNG formats ever produced, and has just been created by the author to be of highest relevance to the games of today. This is currently the most advanced MTT poker strategy available in 2020.

The course covers all game areas in detail, and provides students with a precise methodology for self improvement upon completion. In this way, it is intended to allow students to continuously improve their game, and to take advantage of the private forum for course members, where they can ask Ivan strategy questions.

There are too many topics covered to mention (and many are listed in the video descriptions below), but key areas covered include: all earlygame opening and defending ranges, constructing mixed ranges in the middlegame and beyond, maximally exploiting the table at all times based on the player profiles and table dynamics, and how to precisely calculate and evaluate chip EV and ICM $EV decisions.

Ivan goes beyond the conventional recommendations, sharing his decade of experience up to the highest stakes in matters concerning optimal ICM play and adjustments. After watching the series, you will see late game and final table play in a new light! provides elite poker coaching for serious No-Limit Hold’em Poker Players.

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Crushing Turbo MTTs and MTTSNGs by ILS007 – Advanced MTT Poker Strategy