Don’t Make These Mistakes with Pocket Aces! [Poker strategy | Hand of the Day]

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It doesn’t get much better than being dealt pocket aces on the button, but don’t make these mistakes with pocket aces! A Conscious Poker member plays pocket aces passively by just flatting preflop after the hijack raises and the cutoff calls, and this allows the small blind into the hand as well.

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The mistakes continue on the flop as the board is wet, the cutoff bets into 3 players, and our Conscious Poker member decides to just flat call. This is a perfect opportunity to raise and represent a draw in a spot where it may not appear that he has many value hands because he only flatted preflop. It’s also likely that the cutoff has a strong hand when he bets into three players, and he will call with most of his range. We are just missing value here by flatting. We already set up a monster trap preflop, and it’s time to go to value town and start planning to get stacks in rather than continue trapping. We also don’t want to give all of the other players in the hand the right price to draw for cheap.

On the turn, when the cutoff checks, we have a mandatory bet. We trapped preflop, we trapped on the flop, and at some point it is time to start building the pot to play for stacks! If we check back on the turn, as our Conscious Poker Member did, tons of action killing cards can come on the river that will prevent us from winning the maximum. The pot will also be too small to realistically get all the money in on the river. We also risk being out-
drawn by a flush draw.

Once we do check back on the turn and we face a $100 bet from the cutoff, it is time to just jam and get stacks in. We lucked into a beautiful blank on the river and we lucked into a river lead. It’s time to take advantage and choose the right bet sizing. The cutoff either has a missed draw here which will not call any type of raise, or he has a strong top pair or better which he may call off his whole stack with. We should play to win the maximum when he actually has a made hand because there’s nothing more to win when he has air.

Unfortunately a min-raise is used instead, but we luck into a jam from the cutoff who does all the work for us. We wind up stacking him and winning a big pot, but there were so many spots where we could have missed out on all this value if the run-out was not perfect for us and our opponent did not do the betting for us.

In summary, this was a spot where playing a monster hand passively can only leave money on the table in the long run. It worked out this time, but don’t be results-oriented and think this is the right strategy for future hands. Moving forward, don’t make these mistakes with pocket aces!

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Don’t Make These Mistakes with Pocket Aces! [Poker strategy | Hand of the Day]

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  1. Unlucky William I lost so so many time on 2As sick card. You can play them anyway. Last time I lost on flush Russia player call u with 22 or like today 44 guy go all in another player show AA and what happen?? 44 on board boom flop 44K so like I said u need also luck no just AA or KK or any monster. Alec Thanks for good videos I learn too many things 🙏

  2. Coach Joel is a living legend! Dude gets thrown out of casinos cause he eats everyone's lunch!

  3. Bos cuba bahasa indonesia donk biar yg lain bisa ngerti juga.😀🙏.dan bwt vidio main nya langsung sekalgus totorial untuk bisa menang main di poker onlen.

  4. What a fantastic analysis! I was pausing the video to formulate my own thoughts – very much agreed that the hero was too passive and made himself unreasonably vulnerable to some draw cards – but the insights Joel offered were orders of magnitude better! Really appreciate it.

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