Doug Polk plays $613,000 pot against high stakes legend Andrew Robl

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Doug Polk plays $613,000 pot against high stakes legend Andrew Robl

9 thoughts on “Doug Polk plays $613,000 pot against high stakes legend Andrew Robl

  1. robl is a fool , he risk everything with no back up. attention you noobs robl a draw means you wishing you had a card. do that at the 1 and 2 dollars table where you fishing. come to the real mens game where you fish you lose 600k , that will wake you up

  2. World class Polk. just saying. everything in the universe says to raise with Doug's hand on the flop. Except if the LAG behind you can/will go bat bad crazy with a draw. Well played sir.

  3. Robl must have been doing something sleazy online, where he was a winner, because his live play has never produced the same results; ever. Tom Dwan, Brian Townsend, Prahlad Freeman, Dan Cates, Victor Blom, and Doug Polk all played nearly identical live as online: big plays & big wins. Not Andrew & i think I know why…

  4. Patrick Antonius dodges a bullet. If they didn't go all in he would have lost his stack on the turned 10 for a set

  5. Therw is playing poker, and there is gambling. He gambled and lost.

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