FIRING the $5,000 PLO! – 2022 WSOP Europe Poker Vlog Day 2

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Today we jump in our first event, the $5,000 PLO with unlimited rebuys and we’re going to build a stack one way or another! Apologies for the Vertical video but it’s better than no vlogs at all right?

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FIRING the $5,000 PLO! – 2022 WSOP Europe Poker Vlog Day 2

10 thoughts on “FIRING the $5,000 PLO! – 2022 WSOP Europe Poker Vlog Day 2

  1. Vertical is better than nothing but I much preferred the horizontal vlogs. We normally watch them on the tv rather then phone. All the same, love the content!

  2. Thanks bro! Sorry we euros don't need much to thrive lol our large is an American medium 🤣

  3. Daniel! What's up with the phone angle buddy? turn it round horizontally it looks terrible.

  4. Hey KID POKER , sorry about not congratulating u on your 3.3 million super high roller bowl VII CHAMPIONSHIP.. good job, and hope wifey great and doggies .. 🏆🫡🙏💪👍

  5. Try the leek soup at the buffet next time you are on break from the 25k. It’s actually pretty good.

  6. Love the format of the video, it’s very creative and a different way to watch. Combines social media / real time feel with the quality of a vlog

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