Flopping QUADS! Check RAISING for MAX Value #shorts #poker

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A player flops QUADS vs. Flush during the  @Next Gen Poker  $1/$3 No-Limit Hold’em Live poker stream. Did he get Max Value?!

Watch the full hand here – https://youtu.be/6hL0jsC2bxk

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Flopping QUADS! Check RAISING for MAX Value #shorts #poker

7 thoughts on “Flopping QUADS! Check RAISING for MAX Value #shorts #poker

  1. Listen I’m a rec player, so I’m not going to act like a know it all, but what bluffs would he have here? Maybe missed straight or the nut flush blocker? Doesn’t seem very relevant considering it’s a paired board, boats beat him, quads beat him of course, and even a higher flush beats his baby one, and rivers are generally under bluffed too…?

  2. Even tho he had a flush that wasn't the smartest push sense he's only beating a few hands, with bigger flushes, boats and quads on the board

  3. I folded pocket JJ to a four-bet today and the run-out came out quad Js. I’m traumatized.

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