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Free Poker Strategy, a beautiful thing.

If you’re anything like me, then you’re prolly a fan of free: free coffee and donuts at the car dealership, free samples at Costco, free shipping on Amazon, and of course free poker strategy content. There are so many sources of free poker strategy out there, and if we know where and how to access it and how to learn from it, then man, we’re on our way.

The 5 Keys to Getting the Most From Free Poker Strategy

1. Be Consistent in Your Studies
2. Take Notes and Stay Organized
3. Mastery vs Overload
4. Take Action and Reflect
5. Questions and Requests

Great Sources for Free Poker Strategy

OneOuter Poker Podcast
Thinking Poker Podcast
The Poker Bank on YouTube
Jonathan Little on YouTube Strategy Articles Strategy Articles
Run It Up w/Jason Sommerville on
The Assassinato w/Alex Fitzgerald on


Send me a question or a request for poker strategy content, or send one to your other favorite free poker strategy content creators. If you send it to someone else and they fulfill your request, let me know as I’d love to see what they specifically made for you or the answer they provided to you.

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Free Poker Strategy | Smart Poker Study Podcast #1

6 thoughts on “Free Poker Strategy | Smart Poker Study Podcast #1

  1. Just discovered your channel, man. Thanks for this!!!
    Is this podcast aimed for medium and high stakes cash game players only, or microstakes and mtt players can take something out of it?

  2. Congratulations, very nice stuff, i think there also other resorces like free poker school like pokerstrategy and pokervip, and software, and also i would like to know your opinion about poker teams for micros

  3. Well done. You have a natural speaking/radio type presence. I'll be checking out other episodes. I am particularly looking forward to your PT4 vids. I've had it for years and not really learned how to use it very well.

    Regarding note taking, your suggestions on Word and Evernote are of course valid, but I've become a fan of pen and paper. There is power in actually writing something down. I think the act of it does something to your brain. That's my two cents!

  4. Great content! Any advise for how to manage your bankroll playing mid level MTT? Anything would be helpful, I find myself re-entering tourneys and playing above my bankroll sometimes. Most recently I made 7 cashes and 3 final tables in a two week span total roughly $600. I ran through that bankroll in about a week, what now? I have no problem funding MTT's but just wondering if I'm miss managing. Note I started playing on Carbon Poker and have starting playing on ACR as well. Keep up the great videos – Joshua

  5. Good video, thank you. I wonder how one deals with many good books podcast and videos plus excellent paying stuff over time?

    We dont have time to watch or do everything. Your advice is if i understood it correctly to find quality resources over quantity? There are many with maturing of youtube.

    How one deals with fomo? Heavy duty self discipline and self restriction?

    Ps i like all of your suggestions. Proven experts and seems good men.

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