GTO vs. Exploitative Poker – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little

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GTO vs. Exploitative Poker – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little

10 thoughts on “GTO vs. Exploitative Poker – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little

  1. GTO is maximally exploitative. When all players are maximally exploiting each other, then you are playing GTE. (Equilibrium) You would get here after going back and forth with an adjusting opponent. But you'll never be playing such a game. It takes too long and no one adjusts anyway.

    What you should do is just fold your entire range when raised by an old guy, and stack off with tptk and better hoping to get paid off by someone with a marginal made hand. Just the other day I got paid off overbetting the flop against a suspicious player who had ace high and a gutshot.

  2. Sometimes a young buck would get out of line with 64o. But if you are being a nit like you should be, then you will see him showdown 74o five times and rebuy four times before you even get involved in the pot with him.

  3. Where i can buy hard copy of this book in philippines? Do you have links to get discount to buy this book? Thanks sir JL.

  4. The Best Way to Beat Poker is to know what type of player you are playing against. The Actual Cards mean a lot less than most players realize. The Cards are about 40 percent of the entire game.

  5. Just a guess: Meeting a right woman, Amie, made you want to be a better man.

    Question: Did you meet Amie before listening to those "success" podcasts, after, or about the same time in a form of synchronicity?

  6. Thanks jonathan everyone talks about gto but the way its now been explained makes little sense to follow.

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