GTO vs. Exploitative Poker STRATEGY | Red Chip Podcast S5E3

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What is GTO poker, what is exploitative poker, and when should you use each? This video answers all of those questions and gives you the most well-rounded answer to this crucial topic. Seriously, even if you hate poker math, this video will make sense!

This episode features Ed Miller (yes, *that* Ed MIller) and one of his most popular PRO videos from Red Chip Poker. Ed breaks down when and where GTO styles work, when exploitative strategies perform better, and why you should care about either of these approaches. Think of this as a beginner to intermediate discussion on the concept.

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GTO vs. Exploitative Poker STRATEGY | Red Chip Podcast S5E3

6 thoughts on “GTO vs. Exploitative Poker STRATEGY | Red Chip Podcast S5E3

  1. The problem with going to the extreme with your counterfit explotaitive strategy is that the other player is going to ajust faster and the moment he goes over the fence even by a little margin you are going to get exploited yourself. Even with stats in an online game that could be a problem because if you have good stats from a player (500 hands or more) you are not going to see the ajust he is doing to your strategy

  2. please remove this annoying video that certainly interferes with my winrate. Ed's ability to explain strategy concepts in clear concise terms makes them accessible to players of all levels

  3. Has anyone ever looked at betting a random amount with a normal, exponential, or log normal distribution, with different parameters for different hands?

  4. If I have understand this right, if your opponent is overfolding, you should be bluffing 100% of the time you are in a hand with them to max your EV. Is the opposite true? If you see they are calling too much, you should never bluff at all? As in ZERO%?

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