Guerrilla Poker Training – Ace-King Strategy Review

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Ah, Ace-King. Biggonious Slickitaurus. This mysterious and fascinating creature can be found in poker climes throughout the world, and, when encountered, can often be seen defending its territory aggressively with elaborate threat displays. Commonly lured in with big bets, Ace-King is a voracious and successful predator, but with its straightforward appetite, combined with its solitary and curious nature, it’s often turned prey for smaller, but more numerous, and often more coordinated, varmints.

In this week’s video, Uri takes us deep into the poker savanna to hunt for this not-so-elusive beast. With the brute in his sights, he pulls the trigger on imparting to us various bits of collected knowledge and strategy that can help us all to better tame this majestic animal.

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Guerrilla Poker Training – Ace-King Strategy Review

10 thoughts on “Guerrilla Poker Training – Ace-King Strategy Review

  1. Hey Uri!
    Really cool video as always.
    I have a request: Maybe you could do a video about playing vs different player profiles and how to manipulate them as you briefly talked about in this one.
    Thank you for your content and all the best to you!

  2. Excellent URI, I love the strategy explanation. Much appreciate your videos. Thank you, you’re a great coach!

  3. Great video, could you talk about playing vs 40-50bb shortstakers and playing in anonymous fast fold pools?

  4. When you work for upswing poker make sure you get a written contract well before you create videos for them. Otherwise they will corner you and go back on their word and rip you off like what fee and Polk did to JNandez

  5. Great video! Your thougth process and explanations are really amazing. And the video description is a surprisingly fantastic bonus 🙂 Thank you!

  6. I'm about a year and a half late, but it would be great on how you'd adjust with AKo to 4bets at the lower stakes. At 16/26z on Stars I am down 30 buyins in 50k hands with AKo in preflop all ins

  7. at 13:04 i see you have a hud, what kind of hud is it and is it worth the money for a low stakes player? can it really improve your game?

  8. 12:20 Why do you say betting AK on the river would be terrible? If you don't think villain will check raise much, I imagine you could get some thin value from villain's worse Ax.

  9. 1. vs the recreational player i think there is much more EV in a larger sizing on the river. Once we decide for value against such a player we shouldnt care too much about sizing as they definetely don't in large scale.
    2. the 1/10th bet on turn I think is extremely hard to balance within your range and therefore likely a huge mistake. Against just a decent player you should face almost range-raise from their side.
    Love your videos btw

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