He had WHAT?!! Poker vlog

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Follow my journey as a poker pro and watch while I show you the real poker life. I’ll be playing mostly No-Limit Texas Holdem. Whether you are trying to learn to play poker, looking for top notch poker strategy, are a begining poker player or even a current high-stakes poker player, I think you will find value in my poker vlog.
Or is it a poker blog?
As a professional poker coach, I will be reviewing a ton of interesting poker hands, dive deep into poker theory and show the lifestyle of a poker pro traveling the world!

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He had WHAT?!! Poker vlog

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  1. If you employ BTO theory while playing Texas Hold'em, and win a pot, please give one of the lowest denomination chips won by you to Bob.

  2. I think you give out to much info and you should do a voice over when you video edit but good video overall

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